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“Soccer/Football/Tennis anyone?”

Apr 2, 2014

This beautiful area was used as a small garden for our family’s personal use, but we only used a small portion of it. After weeds had taken over the few small strawberries we had planted, an opportunity struck. A construction crew was rebuilding the large road next to the Mission and I thought to myself, "What if they used that big road grader to build a personal tennis court? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?" Well, when I asked them, they thought so too! So, that's how the project began. And since then, it has grown more communal. After almost seven months of work, we came up with a mix between a future clay tennis court, and a closed-in soccer pitch. One of the local tennis professionals, Bernard, played a large part in helping design the place. He did a lot of work without asking for much in return because he loves tennis and even more, he loves the kids he teaches. His aim is to give them something else in their lives to enjoy (and perhaps even give them a career). Someday we hope to use the court as a place for community kids to learn, with Bernard's help. The staff and their families look forward to tennis lessons when the court is playable.

The ground was officially opened last Friday as a football (soccer) pitch. Our staff played 5-on-5 Friday after work for some exercise and entertainment. Since that opening day, two other events for the Mission have been held – Locke Adair (the son of Dr. Scott Adair, who came to teach a seminar here) spent one evening playing soccer with the kids who live on the Mission and then we held a Youth Meeting for 30-40 youths from different schools in our area. They started off in different classes with short devotionals and then moved on to athletics. Not many kids here have ever played "indoor like" soccer (where you use the walls) and it was a big hit. It was also a joy for us to have the new ground used immediately to benefit the Mission and the community.

When the rains stop and the ground dries, we should be on the way to finally using it as a tennis court. But for now, Fridays have been designated as staff football day, weather permitting - lots of fun for all.