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Ryan & Justine’s arrival

Apr 2, 2014

– Concluded from last month

Beyond the joy we feel of having our own family here to work with us, the larger picture is that God is at work in a great way! The selection of this wonderful couple bears this out.

Ryan and Justine have recently left Nairobi, Kenya, where they spent almost three years serving in a slum area called Mathare. A large part of their ministry was introducing Jesus to people through service (by means of educating individuals in different trades, as well as helping individuals get on their feet through micro loans and through understanding budgeting.) In addition, Ryan and Justine both spent significant time teaching Bible study groups as well as discipling young people to reach out to the highly populated Muslim areas where they lived. They will serve in the areas mentioned above and in many other ways as well. We see them helping to move the ministry of Namikango forward.

As in many countries in the world, Islam is growing, and even here in Malawi where the demographic is mostly Christian, there are many areas that are largely Muslim. We’re praying for God to continue to open doors in these areas and Ryan and Justine's previous experience in this area will be a great asset in carrying out Jesus' desire for reaching unreached people here in Malawi.

Another great challenge for all people in this part of Africa is poverty. Jesus tells us that He has come to give abundant life now, not just in eternity. And though there will always be poor people in this world, poverty was not God's original plan. God has opened up doors for Namikango through the years to serve the poor through the Maternity Clinic and with partners like the Malawi Project, so I'm not speaking of something new. But to begin training students in other skills in addition to Bible Classes is fulfilling a vision for Namikango.

Along these lines, some of our staff are already looking to improve their own financial stability through what is called Village Savings Loans, a form of micro finance, learning how to budget and manage your income, no matter how much or how little it is. This is where Ryan & Justine and their experience excel. This a great tool for reaching people who might otherwise have no interest in Christianity. And their ability in assisting the poor in our congregations will bring blessings to these good folks.

Please continue to pray for all of us, and for Ryan and Justine especially as they settle in and look for a house in Zomba, a nearby town, and begin their work.