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"Seek the Kingdom first of all . . ."

Apr 2, 2014

by Ben Hayes

I don’t feel the same about God every single day. Some days there is jubilance, on other days there are droughts. One day I cry out for God and wait for an answer, I wait in silence. But I get disturbed when the silence and the waiting slows my crying out to God, especially when I realize it's been several days since I have sought God's presence.

I may convince myself, consciously or subconsciously, that I will be ok, for a little while without His presence, then I turn to the book of 1 Peter and see him telling me to crave God's Word like a baby craves the mother's milk (an image all too vivid with our little daughter walking around) and I wonder where my craving went.

Most of the godly people I know, who have lived the better part of life, say they never feel they have arrived spiritually, but that their desire in seeking God has grown stronger than ever.

Many of us don't always feel spiritually strong in all areas but we can at least be "seekers." You don't have to be good at seeking, you just have to do it with all your heart like Paul says in 1 Cor. 9 – "Run, as if to win the prize." He doesn't say run, and make sure you win, but rather run like you want to win.

In the same way, Jesus says, "Seek!" and the finding will be God's business. So, I want to pray for a heart that is always seeking Him; a heart that never becomes hard or self-centered enough as to think there is no need for seeking.

Blessings to all,

Ben Hayes