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May 9, 2014

By Ryan Hayes


Namikango Mission is consistently blessed by the quality of visitors and partners that come through our gates. Recently, Sam and Nancy Shewmaker and their colleague, Thomas (a national of Zambia) came to do a 4-day discipleship seminar. The way this study was handled allowed a large number of men and women (staff and teachers, accompanied by their wives) to learn how to conduct effective Bible studies that can be used by anyone, in any given place. Though learning this method of sharing the Gospel message with others should prove useful – we also got to experience that same Gospel message throughout the week as brethren from various church backgrounds came together to learn, worship and eat together under one roof. It is indeed very good and pleasant “when God’s people dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).


Namikango Mission recently had the privilege of having Professor Scott Adair, from Harding University in Arkansas, led us through this year’s theological seminar. The focus of discussions he lead concerned the far-reaching importance of the humanity of Jesus. The three days provided deeply practical discussions. We came to understand more fully how it is that the humanity of Jesus reveals the true nature of the Father(Heb 1:3; 2:14-18).

Moreover, by slowly considering the depth of Philippians 2, we were able to glimpse – however dimly – how the whole of Jesus’ life: from His birth to His ministry, death and ascension – reveals the fullness of God’s, self-sacrificial love. We can see that Jesus did not become fully human even though He was God; rather, He became fully human precisely “because” He is God. It was His “God-ness” that allowed Him to take love to its furthest extent for us.

There definitely is no greater love than that which our God has shown for His creation! And though we all know this truth of Jesus’ humanity in our minds – it is not just a truth to be grasped – but rather a reality in which to live and to extend the very same love to others; because the very same Spirit of Christ is now living and working in and through His body – the Church.

Scott’s son, Locke, traveled with him and was able to help our Bro. Alex put together a youth devotional event which included Frisbee, football, fellowship, and food.
(Heb 1:3; 2:14-18).


Several Namikango staff members (Ben, Bisani, Chitani, and myself) were recently able to take a quick trip to Mozambique in order to provide the same teacher refresher course that was offered at the Mission last month. One of the highlights of the trip was Chitani’s excellent teaching on the care and prevention of AIDS. This was the first time for this kind of teaching to be offered and it was well delivered and very well received. Our brothers and sisters in Mozambique continue to maintain a high standard of leadership and provide quality care for their communities through the local churches. We had gone to teach and to encourage, but we returned chock-full of gratitude (and excellent food) because of their splendid hospitality! Their love was overflowing.