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First Fruits

May 9, 2014

by Ben Hayes

Last year our agriculture expert, Alex Nunu, went to the village of Namisu at the request of one of the local church leaders, Mr. Kalinde. (This is the same place I wrote about where a skeptic came to know Christ because he was invited to this “Preserving the Land God has given us.”) Alex spends time teaching on new methods of farming that makes more use of available resources, as well as appreciating and taking care of the land that God has given.

Mr. Kalinde and several in his village decided they would try these new methods. This was a great step of faith, and since planting in December, they have been waiting to see what the results would be. We all know how hard it is to change old habits. The methods these people have been using they have used for decades so, it took a lot of trust to make major changes in their way of farming.

This change in farming system is especially notable because the harvest they produce is what they have to live on for the entire year. Praise God, as the harvest has started coming in this year, the improvement is apparent. Maize (corn) is the livelihood of most Malawians, so when you see cobs of corn growing larger than ever (see the picture) our hearts leap with joy.

As we have celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus last month, I can't help but think of the image in 1 Cor. 15:20 which speaks of Christ being the first fruits. This is a harvest picture. It is a kingdom picture. Jesus’ resurrection has shown us that the real drought is over, and though we still feel the effects of the drought, we can see that the harvest is beginning. Just as Jesus began His Kingdom on earth and it is rolling towards the finish line, gaining speed as we ask for God to bring more of heaven to earth.

We are so grateful to God for the blessings He has brought to this village and to us. We give thanks to God for what He has done for us in Jesus.

The real blessing for an improved crop is that it gets people’s attention, and when we talk about Jesus, people will listen. Our ultimate purpose is not just to help with things like a better crop; our real reason for being here is to share the “Good News” about our risen Savior.