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Thondwe Church Update

Jun 11, 2014

Over the past few weeks, there has been a rather exciting development with Thondwe Church of Christ (located here on the Mission grounds). After much discussion, the leaders of the church have decided to implement Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) on Sundays. This allows the congregation to become active participants in seeing and “discovering” the Word of God for themselves while being able to discuss it within the healthy framework of a church community. The addition of these studies has sparked a lot of excitement. We are anxious to see how God might extend His Kingdom into the homes and communities of this church family through the Discovery Bible Studies.

Ryan Hayes


We're Late! We're Late!!

Our Mission Report is running a little late this month. Please forgive! We had the unspeakable happen, my new and advanced computer CRASHED!

I have heard people talk about this, but thought since I do very little browsing on the internet, and I never open an unsolicited email, I believed it wasn’t likely to happen to me . . . but it did . . . right in the middle of Mission Report layout time.

We have had several days of trying times dealing with technicians, downloads, backup systems and other delays. But, as my wife Anita said, “This is a good time to practice patience.”

So I sit here (patiently), looking at a blank screen and marvel at how we used to do it with black and white photos that took three weeks to receive by mail from Malawi.

The modern ways of communication are truly wondrous – even with its warts and crashes.

- Sidney & Robin