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Jun 11, 2014

Namikango Maternity Clinic is a 20-bed-capacity Clinic serving a population of 30,000 people in southern Malawi. It specializes in maternal health. On average, a total of 30 babies are born at the clinic each week.

The Clinic provides first class service to the community with a dedicated, well-trained staff, available supplies, medicine, and equipment. For the past decade this Maternity Clinic has registered 0% maternal deaths. This is a record to be proud of! And because of these facts, the area mothers prefer this hospital over others.

The need to provide good care for expectant mothers is heavy on us. To witness the miracle of childbirth is a wondrous thing. But, alas, the clinic has been facing a shortage of equipment to the extent that some mothers have to be referred to Zomba Central Hospital, some 10 miles away for proper treatment. Some of the equipment that is absolutely needed and cannot be done without includes a Refrigerator for keeping immunizations, a Suction Machine, a Sterilization Machine and an Oxygen Concentrator.

For now, when babies need the assistance of a Suction Machine, they have to be sent to Zomba Central Hospital for further attention. But what is really, really needed is a NEW OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR . . . Cost $2,861.

The acquisition of a new Oxygen Concentrator at the Clinic will be a joy to workers and will bring new hope to mothers.

Very simply – this will save babies' lives.

There are cases of where babies are in desperate need of life support that this small machine can bring. Often ababy has problems breathing and there is no time to send them to the Zomba Hospital; the babywould likely die on the way. Sometimes even the mother is in urgent need of oxygen.

Mrs. Febie, the Clinic's head nurse, states, “the addition of an Oxygen Concentrator to the Clinic will save the lives of the babies and mothers who have breathing difficulties.”

We would love to be well-equipped to meet their need and we are calling for help in paying for one.

Please know that if you contribute towards this need, you will be making a very real, tangible difference in the lives of many children and mothers.