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B's Visit

Jul 10, 2014

The whole of Namikango Mission has been blessed by having B. Shelburne here with us for an extended visit. The essential purpose of his visit was to spend substantial time each day (at least 4 hours) with the Namikango office staff. Throughout these meetings, Uncle B. took us through the history of Namikango and the history of the Stone-Campbell Movement in order that we may better understand where we’ve come from so as to understand where we are and how we might discern God’s leading in fruitful directions.

On top of this, Uncle B. led us through discussions concerning how – individually and collectively – we may better embody and promote the gracious unity of the Gospel in all that we do and say.
From the very first day, Uncle B. provided us with two undergirding statements that functioned as markers for all of our discussions: “There is no power as great as love and the humility that goes with it“& “We are not a faithful church if we don’t have the spirit of Christ”.

It goes without saying that the time with Uncle B. was not only beneficial to our growth as individuals, but even more so, many of us commented as to how the discussions provided a renewed foundation for the activities and future directions of Namikango Mission. We – at Namikango – feel extremely privileged to have had such quality time with not only the co-founder of the Mission, but with one who so clearly embodies the spirit of Christ that he so consistently prods us towards.

The Kindle reader that has been presented to each staff member is very deeply appreciated. We realize these teaching tools and all Mission support comes from loving supporters. We are truly grateful.

By: Ryan Hayes