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Kindles and Departure Gifts

Jul 10, 2014

As a reward for the two weeks of diligent study and for the staff’s completing all of the assigned readings before Brother Shelburne arrived, He provided each office staff member with the gift of an Amazon Kindle Reader. It is hard to explain how grateful each of us are for such a gift as this – we are deeply grateful! We have already begun discussing how we might use these Kindles to create deeper discussion and study, especially on certain topics that we may read together. The amount of potential this gift has as a tool for growth for us together as a staff is incredible. This will allow staff to read material we may want to send them whether they have electricity in their homes or not, wherever they may be, in the city, or deep in the village. They will also have access to many books, Bibles and commentaries that they might otherwise not be capable of purchasing. Fantastic!