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Student/Spouse Week and Course Completions

Jul 10, 2014

By: Ryan Hayes

This week was quite special. Aside from having Uncle B. here, the wives and children of the students of Namikango Bible School joined their husbands/fathers for one week on campus. This wonderful time allows the wives to see and be a part of the daily lives of their husbands while in class. The wives in Malawian culture take almost all the responsibility for care of the family, which leaves them being very busy most of the time. Life and culture here also leaves little time for husband and wife to spend time together, reflecting on their relationship. So the one week here allows the wives time off without cooking or doing other home care. For a while someone else does the chores and gives the couples time for unity building.

Such times as this allows for us to offer additional classes and seminars that relate to families and to the wives in particular. Through this we are able to continue affirming and empowering them: from Discovery Bible Studies to health and family education to HIV Aids prevention to business skills and topping it all off with some fun and games with netball and soccer games! It was a wonderful week of interaction, learning, and laughing.

The week ended with the mini-graduation of the students from their first few classes. These are small but significant celebrations that seek to further encourage the students to see the lasting results of their classes and how they benefit their families and communities. The students then returned home with their families and will rejoin the campus soon for the next set of classes.