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A Joyful Sunday

Aug 6, 2014

by B Shelburne

There is a congregation in Zomba that had been planted in the early 1970s by Namikango. It first met in a school and later was assisted by U.S. funds to build a building in the township. After some years of maturing, this church itself planted a number of congregations in the surrounding area. However, there were some congregations that did not fellowship with each other.

In 2012, I was in Malawi for the Namikango 50th Anniversary Celebration. Because of my long history with the Zomba church, it was suggested that I meet with these groups. A meeting was held the day before I left Malawi to return home to the States. We talked about how important unity is for Gospel outreach to succeed. I told them how some similar situations had been solved back in America when Brethren humbled their hearts for the sake of the Gospel. The two sides agreed they should respect each other as Brothers in the Lord. Plans were made for leaders to visit the new congregation, but I later learned that they had not made the connection.

Fast forward two more years. In June 2014 I was in Malawi for staff training. A Sunday visit was set up with the Zomba church. I was asked to preach. Brother Rodrick Maluwa, one of our best peacemakers, saw this as an opportunity to again work on the groups’ reconciliation and he reached out to the church leaders, suggesting they attend. I talked about some of my deepest desires for congregations everywhere, including the spirit of Christ toward each other.
Before the service ended, the leaders from the two congregations stood up together before the assembly to show their solidarity. They began to shake each other’s hands and suddenly they were embracing each other. What a special moment that was!

Later Rodrick would say to me, “What has happened here today is no small thing. Only God could have made this come to completion.” I hope you will pray for these two congregations to find joy in their unity.