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Transportation - Special Request

Aug 6, 2014


Justine and I want to make a special request . . . and please note that this request comes after much thought and prayer and after having discussed this with both Ben and Dad to see if they thought our request had merit.

You may know that we are very grateful to have recently purchased a vehicle to use in our work. The cost was $12,500. This price was negotiated down from $19,000 so I feel we got a real bargain. This vehicle also has the capacity to carry more people than just ourselves. You may also know that we have been raising the funds for our expenses separate from Mission funds.

Now, back to the new vehicle – we had a smaller, older vehicle and we had $6,500 in our funds which we paid toward the new vehicle. We were expecting to sell our older car for $6,000 to pay off the balance. (This was all worked out with the previous owners beforehand).

Here is our situation – we will be living in Zomba, which is 10 miles from the Mission offices, and I will be driving there most days and will be using this vehicle for the Namikango work. And that will leave Justine home with our new daughter Amelie . . . without transportation.

My question is, would our Mission supporters be willing to help pay the $6,000 we owe and allow us to keep the older vehicle for Justine to have to drive in the case of an emergency or for other ministry? Up until now we have worked together and one car was sufficient. But with a new baby, I am uneasy about leaving them alone. And in thinking about it we could not likely get a comparable vehicle for $6,000.

We fully realize that our monthly support and ministry budget has been and will continue to be our responsibility, and it is raised apart from Namikango funds. And as agreed, we will continue to do everything we can to make sure our ministry budget does not burden Namikango’s funds in any way. Yet, we felt that this was a reasonable, one-time request, because of the nature and use of the vehicle for the Namikango work. We will be thankful if Namikango supporters are able to help with any portion of the $6,000.

We will understand if you do not think this a good idea, but humbly ask for your consideration.

Thanks and Blessings,
Ryan Hayes


We are so very appreciative of your being at Namikango and for the tremendous support you are to Ben and the Mission staff. Justine and you honor us by being there and by supporting yourselves and for the sacrifices you have made in order to serve by our side at Namikango.

The answer to your question is definitely yes. I know the hearts of our supporters and feel I can speak for them and say we would be glad to help raise the funds needed so you do not have to sell your car.

I will put out the word about this and look forward to seeing what the response will be.

Blessings, Sidney Vaughn