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Namikango Bible School

The Namikango Mission began in 1960, and is located near Thondwe village, 10 miles outside the city of Zomba, Malawi.  The church, classrooms, offices, missionary housing, guest housing, and Maternity Clinic are all located on the 90 acres of land owned by the mission. The staff is made up primarily of Malawians, with the exception of the missionary.  Namikango exists primarily as a Bible Training School for the purpose of teaching and training Christ centered church leaders in Malawi and Mozambique.  There are some 17 training centers in southern Malawi, and nearly as many just across the border in Mozambique.  The full curriculum includes 24 courses, each 3 weeks long.  Those who have graduated then go back to their villages, and, with the assistance of Namikango, arrange for courses to be taught at the local churches. The courses are not just given for free.  The village provides the venue and half the tuition for the students and Namikango provides the other half of the tuition and supplies the teachers.  This is an excellent compromise, as it requires an investment from those taking the courses, increasing their desire to learn.  These rural centers also allow many who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford first class education the chance to be taught.

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Namikango Maternity Clinic

Another major facet of the Namikango mission is the Maternity Clinic.  It serves as a favored alternative to the local hospital for pregnant mothers and newborn care.  The Malawi Project, a non-profit organization that works closely with Namikango, supplies all the Medical supplies.  The govt. pays for the nurses, and Namikango owns the facility and provides food and housing for extended stay mothers.  The primary reason for the Clinic though, is not to run a hospital, but to teach the gospel.  Weekly Bible studies are held at the clinic for the mothers in care, and do to the number of women cycling through the clinic each week, many are exposed to the good news of Jesus. In addition, since follow up visits are provided for the newborns, many of the mothers are able to attend more than one bible study.  They do not have the chance to receive good teaching in many other places, as culturally it is more often the men who receive teaching.  As a result, this is an extremely important work.

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Ntonda Primary School

Ntonda School is a grade school (grades 1-7) which is also a strong part of our work, yet does not require as much oversight by Namikango.  The govt. provides the school, pays the teachers and sets the standards.  Christian Relief Fund pays for the Bible teacher and provides the material for building up keep, and Namikango provides the Bible teacher (Timothy) and overseas the work.  Timothy teaches a Bible class in the school for grades 3 and up, which is another wonderful opportunity for outreach.  Even so, more of his work is done after school, as he holds a Bible club for the older students who show an interest in learning more.  More schools have taken notice of this and been asking for Namikango to hold “Bible Clubs” at their schools and Universities.  This is an exciting prospect for discipleship.